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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals why Sir Alex Ferguson is his Football Father

  • Arguably the greatest footballer in the world right now Cristiano Ronaldo has always spoken very highly of Sir Alex Ferguson since he left Manchester United back in 2008, however, with his recent comments, Real Madrid star has shown the compassionate side of the legendary Scottish manager.

    The story takes us back to Cristiano’s initial seasons at Old Trafford where he was beginning to make an impression. However, his dad was going through a tough medical condition and he wanted to see him and was not able to concentrate on the game because of that.

    Cristiano approached Sir Alex and expressed his issues and the response he got was very heartwarming for the three-time Ballon d’or winner. Here is the excerpt from Ronaldo’s interview to BBC: “When my daddy was sick in London and was in hospital – very bad, in a coma – I had a conversation with him,”

    “I said, ‘Boss, I don’t feel good.’

    “We are in a key moment in the league and the Champions League, but I say, ‘Boss, I don’t feel good. I want to see my daddy.’

    “He said: ‘Cristiano, you want to go one day, two days, one week, you can go. I’m going to miss you here because you know you are important. But your daddy is first.

    “When he told me that, I thought, ‘This guy’s unbelievable’.

    “He was a football father for me.”

    These words further tell us about the special bond the duo share. Recently, in an interview, Sir Alex was asked about who is the better player between Messi and Cristiano and the former Manchester United manager just said: “Cristiano is my boy”.

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