Do you know how the Special One prepares for matchdays? Just before matches the Blues boss watches episodes of TV series to avoid the pre match jitters!

“I like to be there, not in the dressing room, but there (in my office) waiting for the game – I like to watch TV series box sets. I’m always waiting for a new episode to come” said the champion manager. Further adding that he is not necessarily required during the pre game practice, the Portuguese said “At that time the players are warming up or they are in the dressing room. The assistants take care of the players and I have nothing to do in that period”

With big dreams for the club, Mourinho wants to create a legacy at Stamford Bridge like that of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United or Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. While saying that if given a contract for 10 years at Chelsea, he would readily sign it, Mourinho also talked about the hardships of leading a team in the most popular league like the EPL. “The best way is not fear. The best way is not to cry. The best way is to work, to get the opportunities you have, and use the opportunities you have to try to get there, and when you have the real one, the big one, the one who can make a real impact by winning something, by taking the chance in front of you with both hands, it’s what you have to do” further added the Portuguese.

In the end talking about the plight faced by Monk and in a way what has become the story of British managers in the EPL, Mourinho said that in the earlier days being a foreigner manager in the Premier League was something in itself which is not the case today . “You come to a country that is number one in European football, to the championship that is number one, and you feel that you have to deserve to be here. Now it’s too easy. In this moment the number of foreign coaches in the Premier League, even in the championship, is too big compared with the number of English or in this case British managers. Yes, I speak against myself but I think it’s true” said the ex Madrid boss. And though Mourinho clarified that he wasn’t talking about it being negative or positive but surely the boss gave us some food for thought! What do you think?


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