A bizarre interview in Uruguay led to a strange line of questioning two of the world’s best players.

Leo Messi and Luis Suarez showed their fun sides in an interview with ‘Canal 10 Uruguay’, which was filmed a few months ago but the footage was only released recently.

During the interview, both reveal a number of details about themselves away from the pitch… including one especially intimate confession.

Taking a test to see how well the Argentine and Uruguayan know each other, the journalist asks Messi what position Suarez uses to urinate.

“You wee sitting down,” Messi says, to which Suarez responds ‘yes’. “Me too,” says Messi and the two both burst out laughing.

But that’s not the end. Incredibly, the journalist asks for an explanation and Messi is happy to give him one.

“You get up in the morning and you’re still sleepy…” the Argentine explains.

At that point, the journalist makes a joke about the urine splashing, all the while the two Barca players continue to laugh.
See the video below: