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What we learned from this week in UCL – EPL can no longer be described as the best league in the world

Four high-class teams and just one victory for English teams on Champions League Matchday 1, this is what came out from Premier League teams and supposedly called the best league in Europe. Following the dismal return, no longer one can keep boasting Premier League being the best in terms of quality.

YES, there is a case of competitiveness among the 20 teams in England but that cannot guarantee them the success when they come up against the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus. It was clearly evident in Manchester City’s defeat to Juventus when they could hang on to a lead and it was the same with Manchester United against PSV.

Arsenal, well what can you say, when you thought that nothing could go wrong, they came up with a shock defeat against a Croatian side. Chelsea looked solid, comfortable and aggressive in their 4-0 win, however, it was an Israeli side so maybe they are yet to be tested against the better teams and going on the season will give us a fair reflection of what to expected from the Premier League teams in this season’s Champions League.

In contrast, other European heavyweights managed to win their games with a relatively degree of ease and perhaps have fired an early warning to Premier League teams that it will not be easy for them to go on to the next round just based on the reputation or surrounding the English football.

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