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Rankings: Richest Clubs in Premier League, see where your club belongs

  • English Premier League is self proclaimed “Best League in the World”. But whether it is the best league or not, there is no question about it being most popular. Another notable thing is it is revenue wise the most efficient football league. Competition is growing more and more with even small teams spending huge an buying world class players.

    As the money continues to flow into the Premier League, a study has revealed just how much each club is worth.

    With the new Premier League television deal set to bring in a whopping £5.136billion, the self-proclaimed ‘best league in the world’ is is in rude financial health.

    Throw in some eye-wateringly large sponsorship and kit deals, plus other commercial activities from across the globe and teams in the top flight of English football have never had it so good.

    But which Premier League side is worth the most?

    A study by website Sporting Intelligence revealed just how much each of this season’s 20 sides are worth, delving deeper than the usual balance sheet to use set of financial criteria including total revenue, assets, stadium capacity and wage ratio.

    Using these thorough workings, here’s how much each side is worth:

    20. Bournemouth: £104 million

    19. Sunderland: £121 million

    18. Leicester City: £133 million

    17. Watford: £133 million

    16. Aston Villa: £165 million

    15. Norwich City: £166 million

    14. West Bromwich Albion: £175 million

    13. Swansea City: £183 million

    12. Crystal Palace: £186 million

    11. Stoke City: £192 million

    10. West Ham United: £215 million

    9. Everton: £216 million

    8. Newcastle United: £221 million

    7. Southampton: £259 million

    6. Liverpool: £517 million

    5. Tottenham Hotspur: £710 million

    4. Chelsea: £816 million

    3. Manchester City: £907 million

    2. Arsenal: £1,118 million

    1. Manchester United: £1,848 million

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