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Revealed: Real Madrid leads UEFA club rankings; Arsenal, Chelsea in top 10

Real Madrid

Spanish football royalty Real Madrid remained atop the European club rankings after entering to the Champions League semifinals.

The Madrid team has been leading the rankings since the 2013-2014 season, with a total of 169,371 points, followed by Bayern Munich (159,921), Barcelona (158,371), Atletico Madrid (138,371) and Chelsea (136,056), reports Efe.

La Liga is the league with most representation in the ‘top 10’ thanks to Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico, ahead of the Premier League, which has Chelsea and Arsenal.

The UEFA club rankings:
1. Real Madrid (SPAIN) 169,371
2. Bayern Munich (GERMANY) 159,921
3. Barcelona (SPAIN) 158,371
4. Atletico Madrid (SPAIN) 138,371
5. Chelsea (ENGLAND) 136,056
6. Benfica (PORTUGAL) 116,583
7. Paris Saint-Germain (FRANCE) 112,549
8. Borussia Dortmund (GERMANY) 109,921
9. Juventus (ITALY) 107,087
10. Arsenal (ENGLAND) 105,056.

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