Just days after Chelsea star Thibaut Courtois released a statement saying he had split from his pregnant girlfriend Marta Dominguez after a number of years together, reports are linking him with his stunning 18-year-old dog-sitter Delaney Royle.

English news outlet, The Sun, on Sunday (April 9), claimed the Belgian international has struck friendship with the stunning teenager after bonding over love of Pomeranians. The Chelsea keeper reportedly messaged Delaney on Instagram to enquire after spotting her pet Pomeranian.

Their friendship has grown strong now as Delaney regularly travels the 60 miles from her home in Chatham, Kent, to look after Courtois’ pet Yoshi in Surrey.

The newly-developed friendship between the two, meanwhile, have convinced the 24-year old custodian’s friends that something is brewing between the two.

However, Jonathan, Delaney’ father, has quashed all the speculations by saying that his daughter visited the goalkeeper’s mansion only to look after the dog.

“There’s no relationship ­be­t­ween her and a Chelsea pla­yer. Maybe one day a West Ham player. It’s a West Ham player or nothing, that’s the rules,” he was quoted as saying by the outlet.

Jonathan further revealed how the two got to know each other before adding that his daughter rarely sees the Belgian.

“He asked my daughter where she got hers and shot straight up to the breeder in Cambridge to get one.

“We babysit Yoshi when he goes away. Last week he was playing away in the internationals. Delaney got the dog and brought it back because we have a Po­meranian and they’re brother and sister. 
She rarely sees Courtois,” he added.

Earlier this month, Courtois had announced his separation from long-term girlfriend Marta Dominguez. The ex-couple have had one child together and they are now expecting another. But Marta returned to her native Spain after separating from the custodian.

The Blues star met Marta during his loan stint with Atletico Madrid in 2013.

“My girlfriend Marta and I are no longer together. We both went our own way, even though she was expecting our second child,” Courtois had said in a statement.

“She moved to Madrid, I stayed in London. We still love each other but we don’t have a romantic relationship.But we don’t run away from our responsibilities. We are first and foremost parents of a beautiful princess, Adriana, and our about-to-be-born son Nicolas.

“We’ll strive to give our children the love and attention they deserve,” he had added.


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