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Toe Poke – Norwegian club introduces ‘Weather Proof’ kits

  • As one can imagine, the Norwegian weather is quite difficult to sustain. When temperatures drop below freezing point, it is hard walk out in the streets never mind play football.


    To tackle this situation, second-division side SK Brann’s kit makers (Hummel) have come up with “weatherproof” latex rubber kits.


    SK Brann’s new “Fire Suit” home kits are made of the same material such as raincoats and rain boots but, it is much lighter when compared to them. To be more precise, it is made from red PVC rubber.


    Considering the conditions at Norway, these jerseys will make playing in Norway slightly more tolerable. The steps were taken to combat the persistent wintry rain.


    If this new initiative becomes successful, soon the much talked about jerseys can be seen making at various countries which face similar problem.


    Image courtesy of ESPN

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