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Tottenham star and Man Utd target reveals why he was rejected by Arsenal

  • Tottenham forward Harry Kane has lifted the lid on why he was rejected by Arsenal as a youngster, revealing he was dropped by the Gunners. ​

    The matter came into light recently and the decision left Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger stunned when he heard that.

    The 22-year-old Englishman, spending a year at Arsenal academy and then rejected by the club went to Watford before signing for Tottenham, who always supported the youngster moulding Kane into one of the best forwards now playing in the Premier League. 

    However, Harry Kane now says he understands exactly why the Gunners let go the chance to sign him.

    “It’s hard to tell at that age what the player is going to turn into,” Kane told in an interview with The Telegraph

    “I was only small at that age. I was small for my age. I was a late developer. So, look, it is hard to call a player at such a young age.

    “After that I went to Spurs when I was 11. It wasn’t like it took off straight from then; I still had to work hard. There were highs and lows along the way.

    “As I got older and older, I grew up a bit, caught up to the rest of the players my age and it went from there, really.”

    Following an indifferent start to this term Kane is now picking up the form he showed last season and scoring again. The promising Englishman confirmed he didn’t lose confidence. 

    “I think even when I wasn’t scoring goals, I didn’t feel I was playing bad,” Kane further said.

    “I still felt I was contributing to the team. We were playing well as a team, we were picking up results. It was just, I think, a matter of time. I’ve said before, you need a bit of luck. I probably didn’t have that at the start of the season.”

    The Tottenham striker’s last goal in Premier League came in the Spur’s 1-1 draw with the city rivals Arsenal.


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