Most awesome footballer in the world Zlatan Ibrahimovic has launched his version of the Swedish National Anthem.

The Anthem already reached a record view of 3 million streams. On his instagram account zlatan posted: “My Gold Record Award for 3 000 000 Swedish streams of my version of the National anthem. Rumour has it that it’s the most streamed national anthem ever… Either way, it’s pretty cool.” 

The instagram account displayed:

In 2014 the charismatic striker had released his version of the Swedish national anthem “Du gamla, Du fria” which was originally performed in a Volvo advert.

Previously, the Swedish star had been criticised for not singing the national anthem before international matches.

Zlatan was quoted at the time: “This new anthem is just what we need. The old one was long and boring.”

It would appear that many in Sweden agree with the former AC Milan, Inter Milan and Barcelona striker.

Here is the video of the anthem:

This fantastic Swedish player never fails to amaze us with new stuff.