Watch: Sergio Ramos Orders Cristiano Ronaldo To Play Act!!
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Watch: Sergio Ramos Orders Cristiano Ronaldo To Play Act!!

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    Let it never be said that Sergio Ramos doesn’t know how to shithouse his opposition.

    The Real Madrid captain, while also being pretty decent at defending and scoring last minute winners, has carved out a reputation over the past 14 years as one of the beautiful game’s premiere shithouses.

    While the throwing of elbows into the temples, noses and mouths of opposing strikers isn’t behaviour we’re going to applaud, Ramos’ ability to get under the skin of almost all of his rivals is something that deserves a good deal of appreciation.

    And on Wednesday night, the Los Blancos skipper may have reached something approaching his zenith.

    With Atletico Madrid captain Gabi spending the majority of the Champions League semi-final second leg Madrid derby on a booking, Ramos took it upon himself to do whatever it took to ensure the Rojiblancos captain didn’t survive the 90 minutes.

    And with Cristiano Ronaldo on his side, Ramos believed he had the ultimate weapon with which to execute his utter madness.

    With tempers flaring between the two sides from the Spanish capital, Ramos ordered Ronaldo to feign injury, as if he’d been elbowed by Gabi, to fool the match official Cüneyt Çakır into sending off the Atleti midfielder.

    Unfortunately for Ramos, his dastardly scheme didn’t work, with Gabi remaining on the pitch without picking up a second yellow card.

    Atleti ran out 2-1 winners on the night, but it was Real who progressed to the Champions League final in Cardiff on 3rd June thanks to a 4-2 aggregate scoreline, thanks in no small part to Cristiano Ronaldo’s hat-trick during the first leg at the Bernabeu, where Los Blancos emerged with a 3-0 victory.

    Still, nice try Sergio. Maybe don’t try anything like this against Juventus in the final, though. Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci don’t play nice.

    Juventus have yet to be defeated in the competition. In 12 matches, the Old Lady have nine wins and three draws whereas Los Blancos have eight wins, three draws and one loss.

    Atletico Madrid have also had a stellar campaign and almost match Los Blancos’ numbers with eight wins, two draws and two losses. The other semi-finalist, Monaco, had a tougher path, notching six wins, two draws and four defeats.



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