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Top 5 defense players in HIL 2015

  • In any field sports like football, Volley ball, Tennis, Baseball especially Hockey defense players have an important role. A defensive player feeds the forward players to attack and score points or goals. They also play a key role in preventing the opponents to raid, attack and get goals. Tough competitions put to test the defense of a team in any tournament. The defense players in Hockey, Football need lot of stamina to move up and down, to prevent the ball invading their circle and feeding the forwards to score goals. Hockey India league 2015 brought to light some such players.

    Here we look at the top 5 defense players

    1. VR Ragunath

    VR Ragunath was a defensive player played for Uttar Pradesh Wizards who finished fourth in the tournament. He scored 8 goals in the tournament from penalty corners. He made sure that the efforts from opponents were saved by his defensive play. He is another drag flicker for UP Wizards and also has been a part of Indian national squad. The opponents could score only 11 goals against them.

    2. Birendra Lakra

    Birendra Lakra was the best Indian defender in Hockey India League 2015. He played for Ranchi Rays. He is a part of the Indian national team. He made some excellent saves in the defense. With Ashley Jackson scoring goals in the tournament the role of Birendra Lakra was crucial as he helped the forwards to make aggressive moves and get goals in the tournament. His efforts made sure that Ranchi Rays would emerge champions. The opponents could score only 13 goals against Ranchi indicates the level of defense. 

    3. Circello

    Circello is an international defensive player who played for Jaypee Punjab Warriors who reached the finals of this tournament. He scored 2 goals in this tournament. He plays for Australia in international competitions like Olympics, Commonwealth games. With the likes of Sandeep Singh in his team Circlleo played excellent hockey but the team lost in the finals of HIL. His best quality was to help the forwards and come back with speed, agility and defend with accuracy. The opponents scored 14 goals against them.

    4. Rupinder Pal Singh

    Rupinder Pal Singh was a defender who played a crucial role for Delhi Wave riders. Despite Delhi finishing third in the Hockey India League 2015 he made some excellent defense save from opponents shots. He was the drag flicker for Delhi Wave rider’s team in this tournament. He is also a drag flicker for Indian national team. The opponents scored 18 goals. 

     5. Gurjinder Singh

    Gurjinder Singh played for Kalinga Lancers. Despite the team finishing second last in the tournament he made sure that nothing went past him. He scored 5 goals from penalty corners. He was a part of the team that finished fourth in the Champions Trophy held in December 2014. His best part role was to stay firm and defend as many goals as possible. The opponents scored 25 goals against them.

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