Here is the complete schedule of Indians in action on Day 13 of the 2014 Asian Games. Indian hockey team play their finals against Pakistanlater today.


Women’s High Jump Final at 3:00 pm IST

Men’s Triple Jump Final  at 3:15 pm IST

Men’s Javelin Throw Final at 3:22 pm IST

Women’s 5000m at 3:30 pm IST

Men’s Shot Put Final at 5:00 pm IST

Men’s 10,000m at 5:45 pm IST


Men’s Super Heavy (+91kg) Semifinal (Satish Kumar) and Men’s Middle (75kg) Semifinal (Vikas Krishan) from 10:30 am IST


Men’s Final–India vs Pakistan at 3:30 am IST


India vs Thailand (Women’s Team Semifinal Match 1 at 6:30 am IST

India vs Korea (Men’s Team Semifinal Match 1 at 9:30 am IST


Women’s 67kg Round of 16 (Shreya Singh vs Wonjin Lee), Men’s 63kg Round of 16 (Saurav vs Sujan Joshi) and Men’s 68kg Round of 16 (Shiv Kumar vs Ghazi Mushabbab Alasmari) from 6:00 am IST onwards


Women’s Singles 1/32 Elimination Match 7 (Manika Batra vs Chao In Ma) at 6:30 am IST

Women’s Singles 1/32 Elimination Match 10 (Ankita Das vs Wing Nam Ng) at 7:30 am IST

Men’s Singles 1/16 Elimination Match 6 (Soumyajit Ghosh vs Sinhyok Pak) at 9:30 IST


Women’s Classification 7th-8th Place (India vs Hong Kong) at 7:00 am IST

Men’s Semifinal Round for 5th-8th Place (India vs Thailand) at 8:00 am IST