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CWG 2014 Day 1: Indians at the Games

  • The Day 1 at the 2014 Commonwealth Games gave India a lot of things to cherish with. They won two Golds in Weightlifting, three silvers (two in Judo and one in Weightlifting) and two Bronze medals (one each in Judo and Weightlifting). Apart from these, India dominated in Badminton, Table Tennis ans Squash. Here is what happened for India throughout the day. 

    Lawn Bowls: Scotland defeated India 27-6 in the men’s Triples Round 1

    Judo: Manjeet Nandal defeated Jeremy Saywell (Malta) in the men’s -66 KG Round of 32

    Judo: Navjot Chana defeated Tom Pappas (Australia) in the men’s -60 KG Round of 16

    Lawn Bowls: Fiji defeated India 19-8 in the women’s Fours Round 1

    Judo: Sushila Likmabam defeated Marie Medxa Effa (Cameroon) in the women’s -48 KG Round of 16

    Judo: Shivani lost to Jessicca Klimkait (Canada) in the women’s -57 KG Round of 16

    Judo:Manjeet Nandal defeated Asa Weithers (Barbados) in the men’s -66 KG Round of 32

    Badminton: India defeated Ghana 5-0 in the Mixed Team Event

    Tie-1: P Kashyap beat Daniel Sam 21-6 21-16

    Tie-2: PV Sindhu defeated Stella Amasah 21-7 21-5

    Tie-3: Akshay Dewalker/Pravaav Chopra defeated Emmanuel Donkor/Abraham Ayittey 21-7 21-11

    Tie 4: Jwala Gutta/Ashwini Ponappa defeated Evelyn Botwe/Diana Archer 21-4 21-10

    Tie 5: P.C. Thulasi/RMV Guru Sai Dutt defeated Daniel Sam/Stella Amasah 21-5 21-7

    Cycling: Indian trio of Amarjit Nagi,Amrit Singh, Alan Baby finishes 22, 23 and 25 respectively in the men’s sprint qualifying 

    Swimming: India’s Sajan Prakash finished fourth in the men’s 400 m Freestyle Heats

    Judo: Sushila Likmabam defeated Amy Meyer (Australia) in the women’s -48 KG Quarter Finals

    Judo: Navjot Chana defeated Brandon Dodge (Wales) in the men’s -60 KG Quarters

    Swimming: India’s Prasanna Karmakar finished fourth in the men’s 100 m Freestyle Heats 

    Judo: Kalpana Thoudam defeated Hannah Trotter (Australia) in the women’s -52 KG Quarters 

    Table Tennis: India defeated Barbados 3-0 in the women’s Group Event Prelims

    Squash: Anaka Alankamony defeated Kenya’s Khaaliqha Nimji 11-2 11-3 11-6 in the women’s singles round of 64

    Judo: Manjeet Nandal qualifies for the men’s 66 KG Rerchage after losing the quarter finals to England’s Colin Oates

    Squash: Mahesh Mangaoakar defeated Kenya’s Hardeep Reel 11-1 11-5 11-7 in the men’s singles round of 64

    Judo: Navjot Chana into the Finals in the men’s -60 KG  

    Sauash: Harinder Pal Sandhu defeated Northern Ireland’s Michael Craig 11-9 11-5 11-5 in the men’s singles round of 64

    Judo: Sushila Nikmabam into the Finals of women’s -48 KG

    Judo: Kalpana Thoudam lost in the semi-finals of women’s -52 KG (Thoudam initially won the bout and then got a caution that knocked her out)

    Tabble Tennis: India defeated Vanuatu 3-0 in the men’s Group event Prelims

    Gymnastics: Prabhjot Bajwa did a pretty decent job for India in the women’s category Hoop and scored 8300 Points

    Judo: Manjeet Nandal defeated Cameroon’s Nama Etoga in the men’s 66 KG Repechage round and qualified for a bronze medal contest

    Lawn Bowls: India lost to England 19-12 in the men’s Pairs Round 1

    Lawn Bowls: Narayanmoni Saika defeated Malaysia’s Siti Ahmad 21-15 in the women’s Singles Round 1

    Judo: Timings for Medal classification matches announced 

    Women’s 48 KG Sushila Likmabum (IND) vs Kimberly Renicks (SCOT) at 22:44 IST
    Men’s 60 KG Navjot Chana (IND) vs Ashley McKenzie (ENG) 23:05 IST

    Bronze Medal Matches:
    Women’s 52 KG Kalpana Thoudam (IND) vs Christin Legantil ( MAUR) at 23:19 IST
    Men’s 66 KG Manjeet Nandal (IND) vs Yet to be Announced at 23:33 IST

    Cycling: Indian men 4000 m Pursuit team clocked 4 mins 31.714 secs with a speed of 52.996 Km/Hr in the qualification round and are mostly out of it.

    Women’s Hockey: India’s match against Canada kick starts at Glasgow Greens

    Squash: Saurav Goshal defeated Jules Snagg (St. Vincents) 11-1 11-6 11-3 in the men’s Round of 64

    Weight Lifting: India’s Chanu Saikom and Sanjita Kumukhcham in action in the women 48 KG Finals

    Women’s Hockey: Poonam Rani and Rani Rampaul scores the first two goals for India as Brienne Stairs pulls one back for Canada in the First Half.

    Weight Lifting: Sanjita Kumukhcham records a lift of 77 KG in the Snatch and leads the table in the women’s 48KG Finals

    Women’s Hockey: Jaspreet Kaur scores for India early in the second half against Canada. India lead 3-1

    Weight Lifting: Chanu Saikom records a lift of 75 KG in the Snatch and is second the table in the women’s 48KG Finals

    Women’s Hockey: Jaspreet Kaur and Karli Johanson scores a goal for India and Canada respectively as the scoreline looks 4-2 with few minutes remaining

    Weight Lifting: Chanu Saikom records a lift of 93 KG in the Clean and Jerk and is leading in the women’s 48 KG Finals

    Weight Lifting: Sanjita Kumukhcham records a lift of 93 KG in the Clean and Jerk and takes the lead in the women’s 48 KG Finals

    Weight Lifting: Saikom and Kumukhcham are having a cat and mouse fight in the Finals of women’s 48 KG

    Squash: Dipika Pallikkal defeated Trinidad and Tobago’s Charlotte Knaggs 11-4 11-2 11-1 in the women’s Round of 32

    Weight Lifting: BOOM!!!!!! Chamu Saikom wins Silver and Sanjita Kumukhcham wins Gold in the finals of women’s 48 KG 

    19 year old Kumukhchum lifted 98 KGs in her final lift and snatched the Gold from her compatriot.

    The Indian Tri Colour is hoisted at Glasgow as India’s Kumukhchum wing Gold in women’s 48 KG WeightLifting

    Barely Ten Minutes to go fot the Judo Medal classification rounds. Four Indians have the chance to win medals

    Women’s Hockey: India beat Canada 4-2 in the Prelims

    Judo: Sushila Nikmabam to face Scot Kimberly Renicks the Finals of women’s -48 KG

    Squash: Joshna Chinappa defeated Welsh Deon Safferry 11-9 11-6 9-11 11-9 in the women’s round of 32

    Judo: Out comes Renicks and Nikmabamwalk out for the Gold Medal Match

    Sushila Nikmabum settles for a Silver as Renicks wns the Gold for Scotland

    Squash: Anaka Alankamony lost to Malaysia’s Delia Arnold 11-9 11-6 11-9 in the women’s Round of 32

    Judo: Navjot Chana faces England’s Ashley McKenzie in the Finals of men’s 60 KG 

    Once again heart break for India as Chana settles for Silver

    Table Tennis: India beat Nigeria 3-1 in the women’s Prelims

    Tie-1: Shamini Kumeresan defeated Edem 8-11 11-9 11-6 11-5

    Tie-2: Oshonaike defeated Manika Batra 11-9 11-9 10-12 11-6

    Tie-3: Suhas Patkar and Shamini defeated Akpan and Edem 11-9 11-7 11-6

    Tie-4: Batra defeated Akpan 11-5 11-3 12-10

    Judo: India’s Kalpana Thoudam takes on Mauritius’ Christian Legentil in the Bronze medal Classification match in the 52 KG category

    Kalpana Thoudam wins the Bronze Medal in the women’s Judo 52 KG category

    Judo: Mandeet Nandal faces Siyabeulele Mabula in the BRonze medal’s match in the men’s 66 KG

    Manjeet Nandal loses out on a BRonze medals on Penalties.

    Badminton: India lead Uganda 2-0 in the Mixed Team Event

    Tie-1: P Kashyap wins 21-4 21-6

    Tie-2: PV Sindhu wins 21-10 21-8

    Weight Lifting: India’s Ganesh Mali and Shuken Dey taking part in the Finals of Men’s 56 KG

    Table Tennis: India beat Northern Ireland 2-0 in the men’s Prelims

    Tie-1: Achanta Sharath Kamal beat Paul McCreery 11-9 12-10 11-8

    Tie-2: Soumyajit Ghosh  beat Ashley Robinson 12-14 10-12 11-5 11-5 11-9

    Tie-3: Rajul Desai and Ghosh lead Peter Graham and Robinson 11-2 11-5 11-6

    Weight Lifting: Ganesh Mali looks good to add another Gold to India’s tally in the Finals of men’s 56 KG

    Weight Lifting: Shuken Dey might add another medal to India’s tally

    Weight Lifting: Shuken Dey adds one more Gold to India’s tally. His compatriot Ganesh Mali ends up with a Bronze Medal.

    Once Again th Indian tri colour flies as the NAtion Anthem is played in the Background.

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