A new advertisement featuring rapper Lil Wayne as the cook of George Washington — the first president of US — has sparked outrage for being “racist” in nature.

The new ad for Apartments.com which will be played during this Sunday at the Super Bowl 50 features actor Jeff Goldblum singing TV show “The Jeffersons” theme song “Movin’ on up” as he literally moves up with his grand piano. 

Wayne’s character in the ad tells Goldblum that he is “flame-broilin’ some burgers” for the big game, “grillin’ some beans” and making pies. 

To some people, the ad was simply racist for putting a black man to cook for the white figure, reports tmz.com. 

The selection of the unlikely pair actually was an ode to “The Jeffersons”. Those who are familiar with the sitcom know that the main characters are called George and Weezie.

Apartments.com and Wayne are yet to comment, but the rapper reportedly didn’t get why people were upset about it. It was “meant to be funny and silly and not the least bit offensive”.