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Sarita Devi All Set to be Punished Heavily for her Actions

  • Indian boxer Sarita Devi is all set to be punished heavily for refusing to accept her Bronze medal in the women’s 60 Kg category during the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

    L. Sarita Devi lost to South Korea’s Park in the semi-finals of the above mentioned category and claimed that she was robbed of the bout which was gifted to her opponent. None of the Indian officials came to her rescue and she had to borrow money from her coach and a journalist to appeal for the result. She even went on to give her medal to her opponent at the presentation ceremony as a protest.

    AIBA president CK Wu told that the commission will make its ruling “very soon”.

    “She will be heavily punished, there will be zero tolerance. If you accept being the winner, you have to accept being the loser. If everyone behaved like that, what type of competition will we have?” Wu said from Jeju, South Korea, ahead of the AIBA congress and the World Championships.

    Sarita even apologised right after the incident took place and Wu said there can be little forgiveness because of this.

    “I said to them, that (apology) doesn’t matter, you need to think before you act. She probably will be banned for some time because we want to consider the case that all the referees and judges’ decisions need to be respected.” Wu added.

    Image Courtesy: bbc


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