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Understand Rio’s difficulties in hosting Games: Chinese official

  • Beijing, July 22 (IANS) The difficulties in Rio’s preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games should be fully understood, a senior Chinese sports official said on Friday.

    Gao Zhidan, China’s General Administration of Sport vice director, said, 2008 host, Beijing had its own worries preparing for the Olympic Games. Rio de Janeiro is working hard to deal with the problems of pollution, security, and infrastructure.

    “In today’s world, it’s difficult for any country (or region) to hold successful Olympic Games. Beijing met numerous problems during the preparation for 2008 as well,” Gao told Xinhua. “I believe every host will try its best. Therefore, we should fully understand the situation in Rio.”

    Gao, who is also the deputy chef de mission of China’s 711-member delegation, said the delegation is already prepared to deal with the concerns.

    As for the Zika virus, the teams are equipped with anti-mosquito sprays as well as long sleeved clothes. The athletes also participated in training on hygiene and other departments have been offering advice and guidance. Special staff will be responsible for the safety of the delegation.

    “If we can strictly abide by the regulations of the delegation and control our behaviour in competing, living and training areas,” said Gao, “I guess there won’t be much to worry about.”

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