Just one day to go for the Greatest cricketing Rivalry and the clash of titans , Yes the Ashes is about to begin in just one day . The most hyped cricket tournament is all set to entertain the cricket fans all over the world . However , things took a strange turn this time as England are going into the series as tournament , and Australians are tagged as “the weakest to travel for an Ashes”. These are good time to be a British sports fan . Last week , Irish lions won their first series in 16 years , and Britain’s Andy Murray defeated Novak Djokovic to become the first British winner of the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title since Fred Perry in 1936.

Coming Back to the ASHES ,

I would divide my content into two:

And further do a SWOT analysis of both….


England has been ruthless at their home. They have defeated good sides and have looked almost complete atleast when it comes to tests. But, here are my views on the English side.

The biggest strength has to be the experienced guys in these conditions. England has had almost 8 players playing since quite a while now and they know their game very well.

Another strength which very less people are quoting is the FACTOR OF SPIN. Unlike every Ashes, I m sure that the spin factor of Swann is going to play a huge role in the Ashes as the wickets have been prepared to assist spin mainly because of the English side having one of the best world class spinners in Swann and Australians are not recognized to be even a bit frank with spin.

Another strength is the inflow of Kevin Pietersen. This guy can change the complexion of the game in minutes and poses the capability to smack any side . Also the experience of COOK-BELL-TROTT will be a thing that the Englishmen can boast upon.

MATT PRIOR has been the best Wicket Keeper in Tests as he has scored quick runs and he is stunning behind the stumps too.

Cook has been leading them well and Cook is reckoned to have a tactical brain which is a big advantage for the home team.

Not much but you can say that they have an inexperienced opener at the top in form of Joe Root. He is very talented, agreed, but the question is that if he cant handle pressure in this huge series, England will be one down straight away which you dont want.

Another weakness is their no 6. EOIN MORGAN/ BAIRSTOW needs to prove that if the big boys get out cheaply, they ll hold their end up.

They say that there is an opportunity if their is a weakness. So, If Joe Root and BAIRSTOW/MORGAN sets themselves well, England are just perfect.

The opposition skipper is their biggest threat. Michael John Clarke has been scoring runs as consistently as even and you dont want the opposition skipper to do well coz that boosts up the entire side.

Another threat is the Australian attack. People may under-rate them. But, to me the current Australian attack can be as devastating as it can get. Siddle has stamina and will bowl with same pace even in the 25th over of his spell as the 1st. Starc and Pattinson are just devastating and can set early in-roads for the visitors.

Watson is another guy that you need to contain coz if he sets his weapons going, he is unstoppable.

I ll rate England 9/10


The current Australian performance has been forgetable, But, when it comes to playing their arch rivals, the mental aggression can get the entire side going. The under-rated Aussies are very much capable to win it if things go their way.


MICHAEL CLARKE is the talk of the town in the English camp. He has been in prime form. He has made runs in almost all the warm ups, Player of the previous year and looking strong in the current year too. Superb leadership skills, terrific thinker, PUP can make anything possible for the visitors.

SHANE WATSON and his all-round capability provides a perfect balance for captain clarke to linger the balance whenever needed. He is a demolisher and a consistent demolisher. If Watson raises his hand up for destruction, you never know what the Aussies ll do.


Inexperience in the batting is a big area of concern for the Australians.

The Spider’s web that has been the tactic of the English people by making turners as we have seen is THE BIGGEST WEAKNESS as the Australians are very much poor when they play spin.


The biggest opportunity knocking their door is Nathan Lyon and if he stands tall for the visitors, he can really nullify the tactic of turners by the English as the tactics of Indians were nullified when the English side visited India.

Another opportunity is Hughes and Rogers who are too talented can make a huge total. We have seen Hughes getting those big tons and we have also seen Rogers being a hero in the English Counties.


The biggest threat is TEAM ENGLAND. They have been dominant and to face them and beat them as a side is really tough.

KP-BELL-COOK-TROTT-JIMMY-BROAD-SWANN are all match winners on their day and to keep them quiet is quite a tough ask.


I ll give Australia 7.5/10

No matter what the outcome is , cricket fans are in for a Mouth watering contest between two of the best teams in world cricket !


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