WWE News: Which Divas WWE is trying to get back, as of now?
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5 Divas we want to see back in the WWE ring

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    For the past few years, WWE has trying to put over the technical talent of the WWE Women’s locker room negotiating the oomph factor. This was an evident part as WWE has decided to go PG years prior to that. But, the women’s division has always been a mix of the talent and beauty over the years, to say the least. Now, to focus more on the in-ring WWE may have lost the ‘Divalicious’ factor a bit with less number of Divas who can attract the fans just like that. Remember, the attitude era’s Divas back in their days. There are a number of ‘Divas’ rather than the “Women’s” who can help to gain momentum to the dull female division, as of now. Let’s take a look of those five:


    Kelly Kelly

    Known as the Barbie doll of WWE, Kelly Kelly deserved much better in her stint. Unfortunately, she was part of the Divas division when it was down to the ground due to a number of reasons. Though, she was given with the WWE Divas championship in the year 2011 for just a handful of time, she was treated to put over a number of Divas champions back then (Layla, Michelle McCool, Maryse etc.) through the entire time of her career. This indicates the fact that how she was the victim of the bad bookings and creative planning despite her in-ring agility as well as her popularity among the fans. With no stronger booking for her to follow, Kelly decided to quit WWE to seek more of her WWE career. Hopefully, WWE can call her up for a second stint and make good use of it.

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