All the professional wrestling lovers love the stories that have a surprise in it. They’re been quite few ways to tell a story, but nothing can match up with the one having a twist in it. The unexpected shock that we get a surprise is second to none. Incorporating the same into the pay-per-views are the headline creators and this Hell in a Cell PPV is no exception as we can expect quite a few of them.



Third member for the Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz could not quite match up with the New Day since their return. They are on a tremendous roll and Dudleyz are one short to match the number game. So the third member may show up to equal the number game to sparkle the bout and who better than Spike Dudley. But again if it is for a long term someone from NXT as third Dudley member would be even great as they would get plenty to learn from the Dudleyz.



A big return (Stone Cold or The Rock?)

Returns are always spectacular which brings a fresh thing into the table and directly comes into the limelight. If it happens at Hell in a Cell things will be no different. As Stone Cold is expected to compete at next year’s Wrestlemania he can make the huge appearance here to blow the roof off. Or even the Rock is in conversation with WWE to return, so he can appear as well. Whatever the scene would come up it will be for making the platform of Wrestlemania. Chris Jericho may show up again as a household name to create a feud with Dean Ambrose. Also in a card is Lana who can return any time now.


Paige causing Charlotte the Divas Title

A dream came true when Charlotte won the Divas title back at Night of Champions. And ruining her celebrations the next night was none other than Paige. And now if she becomes the reason to lose the title it can create a great storyline. These two don’t even need the title to fulfill the storyline. The only bad thing would be with Nikki Bella who will emerge victoriously and the new champion once again. That problem too can be sorted by giving Sasha Banks the gold after that.



Another Kane under Mask

Going by the storyline we get two Kanes, one the corporate one and another the masked one but both are the same persons as per the fans view and Corporate Kane has no idea what Demon Kane is doing. But what would happen if there is another person under the mask? This would be a great swerve to WWE as they can introduce someone from NXT with a big hype creating an interesting storyline. Corporate Kane goes on with the character while the new one will go on to make a name for himself keeping the Demon Kane persona alive.




Undertaker Turns Heel

Since returning in Battleground, the Deadman showed some indication to turn a heel and he can turn into a fully heel inside the cell turning Brock Lesnar automatically a babyface. Undertaker’s heel turn will benefit the company as they don’t have any top babyface right now and Lesnar can be projected as the same. And it would also create a chance to feud Taker with Sting if he shows up eventually. Even this rivalry can be renewed with a fresh feel that will come after Taker’s turn into a heel.


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