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Backstage Video and Twitter reactions: Post match celebration for Roman Reigns

  • A historic moment was created on this week’s RAW after Roman Reigns overcame all the odds to finally achieve the ultimate gold squashing the ultimatum given by Mr. Mcmahon in front of the thunderous crowd of Philadelphia which put him to the top of the WWE championship throne.

    In his way to becoming the champion he went beyond the odds like overcoming the League of Nations, delivering a superman punch to an aspiring Vince Mcmahon and finally a vicious spear to put Sheamus all the way back to Ireland and picking up the win.

    After RAW went off the air, The Usos and his best buddy Dean Ambrose came down to the ring to celebrate the win as he took one victory lap on the shoulder of his cousins. Roman also cut a promo in front of the Philly crowd telling that he will work even harder from now on.

    It was the same crowd that booed him when he won the Royal Rumble event this year, but things got changed in a year’s time as they are cheering for him now. It was good to see Roman is getting a full positive reaction and enjoy the greatest moment of his career. Thanks to WWE Creative too, who finally managed to create enough sympathy for him by bringing back the Villain Mr.Mcmahon in the scene.

    Roman closed the show thanking all the fans and wishing his daughter Happy Birthday at home and celebrating the victory with the ringside fans.

     The social media had gone viral with WWE stars tweeting for in response to Roman’s championship win. Here are some of them:



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