WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet of CBS Cleveland where he discussed about a lot of interesting stuffs including CM Punk’s return, lack of appearances from Brock Lesnar and more. Here are some highlights;

Will Dolph Ziggler be billed from Cleveland now that The Miz is billed from Hollywood:

“That is in the works. I don’t know that it’s going to happen but I have pushed for it before and now it kind of makes sense and there’s a chance for it. As of now it’s Hollywood, Florida so we’ll see”

His thoughts on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar not being on Raw every week:

“Eight years ago, it would have made me really mad with Rock coming back and guys who come back just for WrestleMania. It’s a two part story. It makes me so mad that we can’t do a show without those guys. But here’s the business side: we need those guys to get eyes on a show that normally wouldn’t get them so you can see these up and coming guys so one day down the line in twenty years when I’m doing something else and they say “Hey we need you to get on this card so we can highlight these twenty other guys who are up and coming”. It’s a circle of life and a circle of business. If they weren’t making money, they wouldn’t keep doing it.” 

Who is next for Lesnar?

“The way he beat up Cena is something I’ve never seen before in our business so it makes you want to see who the hell is going to beat this guy. Who can?”

 His thoughts on Sting coming to WWE:

“Just watching that commercial for 2K15 the first time it debuted, we were all like “Oh, is this the thing?!”. We were backstage and we crowded around the monitor to see a one second thing where they showed his mask and everyone flipped out because it’s that big of a deal. There are so few special things left that haven’t happened in this business so having Sting coming back no matter what he does, or if he comes back, just to have him show up one night would just blow the roof off for us backstage and for the fans of course.”

 Does he believe CM Punk when he says he will “never ever” be back in a wrestling ring?

“I’ve always been told to never say never in this business or “this guy will never work here” but yet here they are. So you never know. So far of all the nevers I’ve ever heard none of them have ever stuck but you never know.”


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