Enzo Amore health update following Payback injury
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Enzo Amore’s health update after getting injured at WWE Payback

  • The number one contender’s match for the tag team championship between the Vaudevillains and Enzo and Cass ended in a no contest after Enzo got hurt badly right sometimes after the start of the match. The injury occurred when Simon Gotch whipped Enzo into the bottom rope. Enzo slid in the mat and caught himself nastily on the rope.
    Following that, his head bounced nastily on the apron and he slid outside. The match was immediately called off and the medical attendants were called to address the situation. Enzo didn’t ever stir and his fellow Big Cass looked seemingly worried for his partner as the doctors checked out Enzo. After some ringside observation, Enzo was stretchered out of the arena.

    No initial information on the injury was made available then on WWE social media accounts nor any hint was given on the severity of the injury. Later in the pay-per-view Michael Cole informed the WWE Universe that Enzo has suffered a concussion and all the other tests have come out negative. It was also stated that he was taken to the local medical hospital in Chicago for further treatment.
    After that, WWE tweeted a photo in its official account of Enzo after being released from the hospital. In the picture, he looked all right, apparently. Though with several concussions, Enzo is expected to be out for some more days.

    Though the fans have missed the ‘skywalking smack-talker’ on WWE Raw, they will be happy to hear that Enzo is not hurt, seriously. The fans were indeed terrified after the incident and the fellow wrestlers also looked concerned about the severity of the injury. This injury has brought a serious let back in the tag team division as these two were huge fan favorites and surely was heading towards getting the tag team championship.


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