WWE Hall of Famer ‘The Good Old’ Jim Ross recently wrote a blog on his website jrsbarbq.com where he discussed about some interesting stuffs including the call from NJPW, Eddie Guerrero and more.

On calling the New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV:

“As many of you may know by now, I will be sitting ringside on January 4th in Tokyo for the annual Wrestle Kingdom 9 event from New Japan Pro Wrestling and promoted on PPV in the USA and Canada by Global Force Wrestling. My manager Barry Bloom and Jeff Jarrett had been in talks for a good while attempting to come up with a win-win deal for both parties and they finally succeeded. It wasn’t until this past Monday, the day before the announcement was made on Tuesday November 11, that Jeff and I actually spoke and that was via phone. It had been 15 years since we last spoke.”

On his broadcast partner:

“I have no idea who will be my broadcast partner even though Jeff and I have discussed it but the decision at the end of the day will be his. I’d assume we will know that info in a couple of weeks. Whoever it has has to be a preparation freak because many in the English speaking universe are not going to be as familiar with the talents as the hard core fans who religiously follow NJPW. It will be our job to explain the talent’s backgrounds, the storylines, etc while not ignoring holds, strategy, the transitions and the basics of presenting each match as if it were a legit sporting event without insulting the audience.”

On his memories of Eddie Guerrero:

“Hard to believe that it was 9 years ago today that Eddie Guerrero passed away. Arguably pound for pound as great a performer, heel or baby face, that i ever saw work in person. I remember Vince McMahon and I meeting w/ Eddie at VKM’s home while he was contemplating leaving WCW. Eddie tried to ‘look’ bigger than he was but we were already sold on the fact that he was special and boy was he. I vividly recall one PPV where Eddie opened the show and felt insulted to the extent that he and I had to have a ‘sit down.’

Basically I told him McMahon’s philosophy was to start the show off hot and set the bar high. I essentially challenged Eddie to make it virtually impossible for any one to follow him and he did. Eddie and I became very close especially once he took to regularly reading his Bible which seemed to calm him. In his younger days there were two Eddie;’s…easy going happy go lucky Eddie who would have a few beers or the ‘Andre’ version of Eddie after consuming hard liquor. No matter the incarnation, Eddie Guerrero was beloved by all of us who knew him and I cried while sitting at ringside at WM20 in MSG and in San Francisco when Eddie beat Brock Lesnar for the title at the Cow Palace. RIP amigo as I know that you are so proud of Vickie and your girls.”



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