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Rumors have this name to face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania

  • It’s that time of the year when all attentions are on Wrestlemania and definitely the Deadman’s opponent for the latest edition. Speculations are always high about his possible opponent and since his broken streak, the speculations had even got bigger.

    Reports from Wrestling Observer are saying that WWE is planning Braun Strowman as his opponent at the grandest stage. The process is to have Strowman go up against Big Show at WWE FastLane that would build up the Blacksheep for a huge WrestleMania 32 match with none other than the Undertaker.

    The Wyatts are not having an opponent at the next pay per view Fastlane with their only target Brock Lesnar being involved in the triple threat match. Their only tasks in hand would be to interfere in the Triple threat match and attack Lesnar. Also, Strowman was the one behind Big Show’s elimination from the Royal Rumble match. This is the foundation of the feud and would certainly build up in the coming weeks to set the monstrous match-up at FastLane.

    Last week on Smackdown we have seen the hints of the feud when Big Show showed up to help Reigns and Ambrose after the main event. If this is the indication then Strowman will meet and destroy Big how at Fastlane then go on to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 – which could be The Deadman’s last outing at the pay-per-view that is synonymous with his name.

    The Wyatts and Undertaker had the past and so from storyline prospective it makes sense to face Undertaker. But will the rookie Strowman is worthy enough to face a legend like Undertaker? Vince McMahon is also strongly supporting Strowman’s name as the opponent. In near future, Strowman is also scheduled to face Brock Lesnar as part of WWE‘s plan. So, only time will tell if Strowman can pass through this acid tests. 

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