The visionary Vince Kennedy McMahon took the franchise of the then WWF under his wings from his father and treated it like the way that no one could think and eventually it changed the face of pro-wrestling. He gave the company a global look and started scripted wrestling which converted the wrestlers who now known as WWE Superstars. Though, this concept forced many to think that this is choreographed thoroughly and they don’t even want to consider it as a legitimate sport. The truth is, the fight may be scripted most of the times but the pain they took inside the ring is 100 percent real. And the spectacular moves they perform to entertain us take years to execute perfectly. Let’s honor the wrestling skills of those 5 superstars who benchmarked themselves with their performances and stand as the ultimate measuring scale for the newcomers in WWE.


Hulk Hogan
Name me a kid who was a fan of wrestling in our childhood but did not cheer for Hulk Hogan. He was the sole reason that professional wrestling has headed towards mainstream and became the phenomenon that it is today. His charm was so much that when the ‘Hulkamania’ stopped to form the greatest faction in WWE history i.e. New World Order, we still cheered for him. After seeing his role in Rocky 3, Vince McMahon took him under his wings and he never looked back. At that time, he was the focal point of WWF before he headed towards WCW. There are innumerable moments in his illustrious career. He was the first one who made the word ‘franchise’ significant by making the crowd polarizing despite not having any such technical skills or pendant submission moves. But he created his own league that still is running wild.

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