video: Shane-O-Mac in charge on WWE Raw
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Video: Shane-O-Mac in charge of Monday Night Raw

  • WWE Raw was broadcasted live last night from the home of Wrestlemania 32 i.e. Dallas, Texas’ American Airlines centre. Over the years, we have seen the crowd on the next night after Wrestlemania gets extremely vocal and last night was not any exception. The commentators welcomed us reminding us the fact as Vince McMahon’s music hits the arena. (WWE Raw results are courtesy and

    Mr. McMahon comes down to the ramp as the Dallas, Texas crowd songs the entrance theme alongside the music on WWE Raw. The crowd was with Mr. McMahon after the record-shattering night of Wrestlemania until he addressed Triple H’s loss to at the championship against Roman Reigns and also declared that his son stood no chance in hell against the Undertaker the previous night.

    Mr. McMahon notes that this morning he took care of this lockbox situation. There is now no doubt that he is in control of the WWE. Mr. McMahon enjoyed watching Undertaker kick the crap out of Shane last night. Only one time he felt respect for Shane was when Shane climbed the top of the Cell and he told himself “Don’t do it Shane” and in the process, he earned back some respect.

    Just then Shane’s music hits the arena and out came Shane-O-Mac on WWE Raw after his battering and bruised battle on the previous night. He came out to thank the crowd but his father thought the crowd is the sole reason for the beating he got. The unthinkable happened just then as Vince put Shane in charge of WWE Monday Night Raw to see how insane the situation would be.

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