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Wrestlemania 32: new matches and stipulations added to the card

  • This week’s Smackdown tapings have seen two new Wrestlemania matches being added to the card and both of them will be championship matches. The first match was announced as Ryback vs. Kalisto for Wrestlemania which has no build up whatsoever and came out of nowhere and makes no sense to make it to the Wrestlemania card.

    The other one to be added is quite a bit surprise and that would be for the WWE tag team championship. According to the reports, the match could be a three-on-four handicap match at Wrestlemania with all of the four League of Nations members will square off against three members of the New Day. A 4-on-3 handicap match for the tag title is a rare option and would certainly be interesting.

    Another match has been added to the Wrestlemania card and that is the Dudleyz vs. the Usos. These two teams have been pushed further from the tag team championship scene will collide in a match which will not have any consequences whatsoever. The Dudleys turned heel last month and ever since then, have set their sights on the Samoan Twins. They have matches with them since then and used heel tactics to build up the story further which will lead up to their match at Wrestlemania.

    Recent happenings saw The Dudleyz taking it to the personal level by attacking their cousin Roman Reigns and speaking bad words for their father, the great Rikishi. Now, to add some sparks to an otherwise what might turn out to be a drab match at Wrestlemania the rumors are that one stipulation might be added to it. The Dudleyz have promised not to use their trademark tables in recent times but will most probably go against the Usos in a tables match at Wrestlemania.

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