This match was for the WWE Intercontinental championship. The challenger Bad News Barrett who earned the opportunity by winning an eight an eight man no 1 contender’s tournament entered the arena, followed by the champion Big E.

The match started as the fans chanted for Bad News. Big E got the early advantage with a shoulder tackle he made. Bad News went out of the ring to frustrate Big E. Big E went outside to get him into the ring, and Barrett kicked him into the groin.

Barrett tried to beat Big E with face first onto the steel post but Big E countered the move. As Barrett stood up Big E struck him against the steel post. Big E picked him back to the ring. As Big E attempted to get back into the ring, Barrett kicked him right onto the chest. Before Big E could capitalize he kicked him onto the chin and Big E fell down outside of the ring.

Barrett struck a high elbow on grounded Big E from the apron. Barrett picked Big E back and attempted a pin which Big E kicked out. Barrett attempted a suplex which Big E reversed.

Soon, Barrett capitalized as he showed Big E ground with another suplex which he reversed from a move of Big E. After a cover failure, Barrett locked Big E in a neck lock. Big E got out of it easily and attempted a running move, which Barrett capitalized with a cross body.

Barrett kept dominating Big E as he knocked him out with a Big Boot. After being dominated for a while by Barrett, Big E got back into the match with a Belly to Belly Suplex. As Barrett stood up Big E hit a shoulder strike to Barrett on the turnbuckle and showed him the ground with a clothesline. Barrett went outside of the ring.

Barrett stood on the apron and Big E speared him outside of the ring. Big E took him back and attempted a pin which Barrett kicked out. Big E attempted for a running move on the grounded Barrett and Barrett reversed with a spinning side walk slam. Big E kicked out Barrett’s cover.

Big E tried to get back into the match with a shoulder strike but Barrett dummied it and hit Wasteland. Barrett attempted another pin and Big E kicked out again. Barrett prepared for the Bull Hammer, as he attempted it Big E clotheslined him. Big E hit a running body splash on the grounded Barrett. He attempted his finisher Big Ending but Barrett countered and struck the Bull Hammer. Barrett pinned Big E to won the intercontinental championship.