Professional Wrestling is not measured by the stats of wins or losses. It is purely built on the storylines as to drive the fans from an emotional perspective and to invest them for cheering for the heroes and booing the villains. This is the reason we have seen eras of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena as the cornerstones of the franchise. WWE has been trying so hard to establish the next one as Roman Reigns for the past two years.

The culmination of this effort will come on April 3 at WWE’s biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania. The initial plan is that he will topple a villainous Triple H to become the new champion and will hold the title high in front of the biggest crowd that is expected at this year’s Mania that is set to be the biggest. But, there lies the problem. WWE has tried the same thing last year but the fans revolted and as per the reaction, if the script goes by the same as mentioned above, fans will not spare Reigns again. Being the face of the company and then getting booed out of the stadium is the biggest headache for the company.
That’s the reason why Roman is off from TV for a couple of weeks since getting punished by Triple H and WWE is nurturing the idea of pushing crowd’s hot favorite Dean Ambrose. As a culmination, he is getting the championship match tonight at Roadblock. If he wins tonight, the fans will be overwhelmed by the decision and then turn Reigns heel for the belt and start a feud between them will be worth a watch.

According to the veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, “Roman is certainly not the best all-around wrestler in the company. I think the people know that he’s getting it [opportunities] because he’s a good looking guy and a lot of the fans are resentful of that”. Despite being positioned as the sympathetic main character, he is not clicking, at least not amongst the hardcore WWE fans. They have rejected Reigns and showed their love towards Dean Ambrose. Reigns still get cheered but that’s in the untelevised live events which is not scripted, thanks to younger crowds who love him.

Odds are that as per prediction WWE is not going change the main event set for Wrestlemania i.e. he is going to win the championship match to square off against Reigns at the AT&T stadium. Fans will not get what they deserve but that won’t stop him to show their hatred with Ambrose’s loss. And more importantly, that will be directed right towards Roman when he step into the next RAW from Pittsburgh, which is even horrible for the company.
With the more vocal, hardcore crowds that come to televised events boo him mercilessly think that the problem lies with Vince himself. They say that McMahon is out of touch for refusing to see that the audience as a whole just won’t accept Reigns. So, with the title up for grabs on tonight, it is apparently a battle between the fans vs. WWE. Fans getting what they want, is absolutely possible but improbable from Vince’s point of view. So, WWE better gets ready for Wrestlemania when the audience will vow the revenge after the main event. It will not be established as the Roman Empire. Instead, the pyros will be drowned by the sounds of 84,000 boos.


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