As per the recent reports from, some superstars have been absent from show taping of Raw. It was expected to create big-time problems at the upcoming Raw-exclusive PPV, WWE TLC on this Sunday. The big concern was with Bray Wyatt who has not there to be seen on the flagship program for the last couple of weeks.

The reason behind this was that he is suffering from viral meningitis. His real-life brother, Bo Dallas is also suffering the same consequence and has been absent from Raw. As a result, Dallas was not seen giving company to the Miz. Even, Wyatt’s partner, JoJo Offerman is feeling the effect of the fever and was not present on Raw, this past week.

It has put one of the marquee matches at the TLC PPV in quite a jeopardy. A contest has been announced between Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt in a special environment. Both of the superstars’ alter personas were set to take on each other. It would be The Demon King against Sister Abigail for the first time in the WWE ring.

Now, as per confirmations from the WWE, the match has been called off, officially. Bray Wyatt is out of the TLC PPV just like Roman Reigns. He is still not over with the viral fever and will not be able to compete at the show.

To replace him on the card, Smackdown superstar, AJ Styles will appear at the Raw-exclusive event. So, the matchup now stands between The Phenomenal One vs. The Demon King in a cross-brand match. It will eventually be another dream match for the fans. Check out the updates from, here:

“Finn Balor was set to unleash his Demon against the supernatural. Now, he must instead contend with the Phenomenal.

The first-ever Universal Champion was originally set to add another chapter to his escalating, macabre rivalry with Bray Wyatt by pitting The Demon against Sister Abigail at WWE TLC. But, with The Reaper of Souls sidelined for medical reasons, SmackDown LIVE’s AJ Styles has agreed to cross the battle lines and fight The Demon instead.”

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