Alberto Del Rio saved Paige from fans trolling her on Twitter
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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Saves Paige From Getting Trolled On Twitter

  • From May 2016, Alberto Del Rio and Paige started dating each other. They were officially engaged during a wrestling show on the independent circuit after Paige went down on her knees to propose the Mexican Aristocrat.

    Now, ever since their relationship came into public, mostly it received negative comments due to their age difference. They often digest fan backlash over adorable comments towards each other on the social media. The trend continued in recent times, as well.

    Paige posted a tweet to promote a show that will be conducted by World Association of Wrestling in the United Kingdom. It is the same show which is being run by Paige’s family in her hometown of Norwich, England.

    The anti-Divas added on the post that her ‘Mexican’ will be accompanying her en route to the UK. Apparently, this phrase was caught the attention of the fans and they started reacting to it. You can see some of the comments that were made to troll the former WWE Divas champion.

    Now, she is not someone who would back down from these backlashes and hence gave a reply to them. But that even fired the people up.

    Alberto Del Rio had to interfere there to stop the fans, finally. He gave a fitting reply to them by calling them ‘dummies’. He further stated that he is a Mexican and there’s no wrong if Paige calls him with that.

    Del Rio, at this time, is enjoying his stint with the Impact Wrestling promotion in which he became the world champion upon his debut. Although in a controversial decision he had to forfeit his title, it is likely that he will snatch the title from Lashley in the near future.

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