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WWE News: Alberto Del Rio’s full schedule of Indian tour

Alongside some selective areas around the globe, WWE has a strong fan base in India. With the market growing day by day it is natural that WWE wants to extend it even more in the subcontinent. WWE is looking to cater to its more professional wrestling fans in the upcoming days and as a part of the process Alberto Del Rio has already arrived in India to attend some press conferences.
The Essence of Excellence has arrived in Kolkata last night flying all the way from the United States to be a part of PR in India. Despite the busy schedule of a WWE Superstar, Alberto Del Rio will be meeting WWE fans in some venues in some Indian venues and will address them. He will be attending press conferences and interact with the media how to cater WWE more in the country.
WWE fans from Kolkata and Bengaluru will have the chance to meet the Mexican superstar on July 7th and July 8th. Del Rio will start the day by visiting the Hope Foundation, today itself. Then he will go to the prestigious East Bengal club tent to have a meet and greet sessions with the players and the fans. After the session gets over he will attend a press conference at the tent.
Tomorrow i.e. on July 8th, the 4-time former WWE World heavyweight Champion will fly to Bengaluru where he will have another personal interactive session with the fans in the Garuda Mall. The next day on July 9th, he will be meeting the participants of the Special Olympics from India to encourage them in the morning. WWE is a special partner for the Special Olympics that takes place in the US. In the evening, Del Rio will be part of a party thrown by Ten Sports at the Hard Rock Café.
It is worth to mention that apart from these schedules the Mexican will be part of numerous other interviews to promote WWE in India, further.

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