WWE News: Goldberg responded to a fan taking nasty dig at him
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WWE News: Goldberg Responds To A Fan’s Nasty Comment About Him

  • Goldberg has always been on the receiving end of positive reactions in his career ever since he returned to the WWE for a second stint. The crowd supported him with their very best, vocally. He had a short first stint in 2003-2004 and the fans always wanted to see more of him. This extended his WWE career and made him the Universal champion prior to Wrestlemania.

    The tradition changed a bit from Fastlane onwards when he won the championship from Kevin Owens. There’s a huge portion of fans think that there was no necessity of giving him the championship just to make Brock Lesnar stronger after he takes the title at Wrestlemania.

    Furthermore, Kevin Owens has a tremendous fan following among the hardcore wrestling circuit who are not at all happy to see him losing the title to a part-timer like Goldberg. Plus, the booking that saw Goldberg literally squashed Owens in just 21 seconds, belittled his potential to a great extent.

    This is why a fan of Owens took to his twitter handle to blast the new Universal champion stating that he does not deserve the spotlight:

    Indeed, there is a portion of fans who do believe that making Goldberg the Universal champion was an injustice to talents like Sami Zayn, Owens or even Seth Rollins. They just think that The Myth is reserving a spot which can be utilized by younger talents.

    Goldberg, however, did not take long time to shut the fans up with his epic reply which is as follows:

    WWE has tried to utilize Goldberg to every extended way possible. It is likely that they will continue working with him even after this year’s Wrestlemania. He will be off from live television once the biggest event gets concluded but should be back in time for Summerslam or Survivor Series to have yet another marquee match. He is expected to stick around at least until next year’s Mania.

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