WWE will let Roman Reigns to go through a huge change
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WWE News: Major changes coming for Roman Reigns

  • Roman Reigns inevitably back on the road to Wrestlemania to vow his payback against the champion Triple H. In a one-sided encounter he spits out his frustrations over WWE World heavyweight champion Triple H, delivering a chaotic beat-down to him all over the arena. Reigns returning and letting Triple H pay the due price was not surprising. The Interesting part was his entrance which was an intriguing one.
    Generally, we see Roman Reigns coming from the sea of fans but this time, he walked down off the ramp on Raw. Many have thought that it was a one-off thing but surprisingly on Tuesday’s Smackdown taping too, Reigns made his way to the arena by the ramp that was held from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    This point out that Reigns is permanently throwing off his familiar entry and from now on he will carry on to do this. The major change has come just days before Wrestlemania and has several reasons behind this. First of all, one of the major criticisms that Reigns has had to date was to carry the same persona from his Shield days. He retained the same music, entrance and in-ring gear. Now, trashing it down means WWE finally is giving him his own identity, similar to that of his buddies i.e. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

    One of the other reasons is Reigns will once again main event Wrestlemania this year too, and WWE perhaps will provide him with a grand entry which is not possible with the previous one. Lastly and most importantly this will prohibit the fans to point out their frustrations directly to Reigns by throwing off stuff like beer cans or briefcases to him. It happened before and going by the increasing booing of the fans, it’s quite understandable. Reigns will square-off with Triple H at Mania and will walk out as the three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion for sure.

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