Stephanie McMahon is that one person who works for the female athletes of the WWE, constantly. She and her husband, Triple H were the one behind the Divas Revolution back in 2015. This has now become a phenomenon by virtue of which the women had main evented three consecutive shows, a couple of weeks ago.

To honour the contributions of the daughter of Vince McMahon, AdWeek shortlisted her in the list comprising of women’s around the United States who has benefitted the sports world in a better way. The list was first published, last year which also featured Stephanie which makes this a second in a row for her.

AdWeek released the following statements while describing the activities pulled off by the Chief Brand Officer of the biggest pro-wrestling promotion of the world:

‘Divas’ are dead, and ‘superstars’ are born, thanks to McMahon, who retired the old-school name for WWE’s women grapplers and replaced it with the same title ‘superstars’ given to the sport’s male competitors”

The list published by AdWeek features some of the most iconic female persons in the United States of America who made their presence felt in the sports world. Names like Lisa Borders, president of the WNBA, Dawn Hudson, chief marketing officer of the NFL, and Kim Ng, SVP of baseball operations for MLB shared it.

Stephanie McMahon gave a spoiler in an interview with AdWeek stating that the winner of this women’s tournament might get a shot to the NXT Women’s Championship in the near future. This will be a proper utilisation of the champion, for sure. also reported that WWE is trying to honour the winner of the Mae Young Classic tournament by awarding her with a belt. This will continue the tradition of the WWE Network. Previously, the same was done with the United Kingdom and the Cruiserweight tournament, as well.

The Mae Young Classic will take place on the WWE Network in the month of August. It will conclude with a live finale in the month of September which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada. 32 competitors will participate in it around the globe.

The rumours about the same started to flow after AdWeek gave some more quotes about Stephanie McMahon’s achievements in the women’s wrestling:

“She also created the first-ever WWE women’s tournament, taking place this summer, with a championship belt every bit as spectacular as the men’s prize.”

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