WWE live event was held in Richmond, Virginia which saw The Miz taking on the real American Jack Swagger. According to wrestlingINC.com., the Awesome one has won via pinfall only to be punished by the painful Patriot Lock by Swagger. After the attack, it looked like the Miz has suffered a genuine injury and was seen limping off to the locker room.
It is still unknown that if Miz has broken something in his body but one of the tweets read that “The Miz broke something.” No concrete updates have yet to come from the WWE itself, but if the reports are true then it will follow with some severe consequences. Previously, Neville was ruled out of the eight-man Intercontinental championship match at Wrestlemania and now if the Miz is suffering from an injury then it will see a six man ladder match for Kevin Owens’ championship. Neville suffered an ankle injury 2 weeks ago in a match against Chris Jericho.

Fortunately the 4 time Intercontinental champion has opened up and stated that he was not injured at the live event. After the tweet, it is clear that he just sold the beat-down that he received from Jack Swagger. It proved true when he took part in tag match on RAW. This was the tweet that he posted:

The Injury list does not end here as the latest inductee is Alberto Del Rio. Apparently, he faced a slight back injury and after last Thursday’s Smackdown taping, he was also removed from the WWE live event of Madison Square Garden. The reason behind this is said to be a German Suplex by Brock Lesnar before the Royal Rumble event.

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