WWE News: Paige reveals Del Rio saved a boy's life
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WWE News: Paige Revealed Alberto Del Rio Saved A Boy’s Life

  • Last year, in the month of May, the pictures of Paige and Alberto Del Rio getting cosy surfaced on the internet. They were spotted spending quality time at the Disneyland. It was the first time that the news of them together coming to public. Later, they admitted it, too. So, it means they are celebrating the first anniversary of their relationship.

    Now, ever since then, they always managed to be in the headlines of the pro-wrestling industry. With the lifestyle they are habituated with, it is quite usual that both loves to stay on the controversial scene. So, starting from wellness policy violation, suspension, leaving the company, beating people up, proposing on the indie scene, the victim of a robbery, private media leaks, they have done it all.

    The latest induction to the series of incidents is Del Rio saving a child’s life. Recently, the former Divas champion posted a couple of tweets letting the world know that her alleged husband or fiancée has saved a youngster’s life.

    No details of what transpired were not disclosed by Paige. However, she stated that if it was not for the Mexican Aristocrat, then the boy would not be alive, today. She also gave the ‘cont.’ sign in her tweet probably hinting that the details are coming up.

    Paige also focused on the greatness of her fiancée who has earned quite a bad reputation in the pro-wrestling industry. The phrase “how amazing he truly is” was to emphasise the kindness of Del Rio towards her.

    It might also be in reference to the WWE roster pointing him out as a “bad boy” of the company. Previously, on the Total Divas show, WWE Superstar Natalya called him out with the same phrase after Paige’s relationship with the former WWE champion was made public.

    This is the primary reason why the couple got into the bad books of the company from last year. Despite being a mainstay on the show, Paige & Del Rio’s scenes were chopped off from this ongoing season. The so-called ‘bad boy’ also went on a rant towards WWE regarding this matter in a drunken state.

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