The mystery attacks on Enzo Amore continued for a couple of weeks starting the speculation whether his partner had something to do with it or not. Almost, all the spoilers from the reliable sources declared that it was none but his own brother, Big Cass.

However, WWE came up with a swerve in this storyline after Big Cass himself was attacked for two consecutive weeks. We started to think that Big Show or The Revival might be the one behind those ambushes. The revelation was finally made on an ending segment of Monday Night Raw.

It turned out to be none other than Big Cass, himself. He was the one who has done these disgusting things to his partner, weeks after weeks. As for he himself getting attacked, it was a complete setup as seen in the security camera footages. With this move, WWE Raw has received its newly turned heel persona.

In a recent edition of Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer discussed this topic. He stated that this split was an inevitable one, at some point. Be it on NXT or on the main roster, many have complained about Enzo’s wrestling skill. It is considered as the sole reason as of why these two had not picked up the tag team titles despite being one of the most popular teams on the roster.

Going forward, Big Cass will receive a push to stay in the mid card status on the roster whereas Enzo is most probably going to feature in 205 Live. He is still being considered as a bigger star power who can bring some audience to the WWE Network special show.

Enzo will retain the original theme song and gimmick for these two duos. Big Cass is set to get a new attire and a new gimmick, going forward. A new theme song has already been made for him. A stretched feud between these two is not going to happen since these two are unevenly matched up. Cass has already conquered Enzo at Great Balls of Fire.

However, while finding new opponents for them, WWE creative will be facing a lot of problems, according to Meltzer. Enzo is certainly not the best athlete on the roster. On the other hand, Cass was held back to the lower card for a long time. So, an abrupt push to the main event spot is not expected especially considering that he is on Raw.


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