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WWE News: Reason behind Brock Lesnar not competing at Clash of the Champions

  • WWE announced that the rematch between Lesnar and Orton will take place on September 24th at the All-state arena in Chicago, Illinois. This will not be any PPV event from Raw or Smackdown. Here the question is why WWE would arrange a non-televised match between these two prize fighters in a non-televised segment. It is worthy to mention that the Clash of the Champions PPV is scheduled on September 25th from Raw brand the very next day. So why is the blockbuster rematch taking place on a live event instead of the PPV?
    According to the reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Brock Lesnar charges less money while appearing in the non-televised live events. He has to provide fewer quality matches in the house shows. The PPV matches competed in the main event capacity and hence are much lengthier.
    Brock Lesnar also demands extra money apart from the contract he has while doing extra appearances. Lesnar agreed to appear in the live event since he knows that Orton is a quality opponent and their fight holds the capability to sell out the arena just like that.

    It is still not clear whether WWE releases any footage from the event. Lesnar is obviously the favorite to win the fight. However, from Summerslam onwards, WWE is teasing with the Brock Lesnar-Shane McMahon. At the end of the Summerslam PPV, the commissioner of the blue brand was hit with a devastating F-5 by the beast. As accepted by Shane, the ongoing thing between him and Lesnar is far from over. So, we can expect to bring the feud further with further appearances from Lesnar.
    Previously at Summerslam, Brock Lesnar hurt Randy Orton apart in their match at Summerslam creating mayhem inside the ring. Orton was left in a pool of blood and the referee had no choice but to call off the match. Lesnar was given with the win, via TKO.

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