Brock Lesnar was last seen in a clash of two champions on November 19th. It was the annual Survivor Series PPV for the year 2017 where the theme was a brand vs brand rivalry between Raw and Smackdown Live.

As part of the storylines, we have witnessed several champions vs champions matches alongside the blockbuster traditional tag team elimination matches in the main event.

In a dream contest in the PPV, Brock Lesnar featured in a contest against AJ Styles It was the prime champion from the Raw brand going up against the prime champion of Smackdown Live. Plus, as per the pro-wrestling universe, the biggest box-office attraction of the company was pitted against the benchmark performer of this generation which was unthinkable, at one point.

Being the beast that he is, the Universal Champion picked up yet another victory over the phenomenal one despite suffering a knee injury at the PPV. It took him only one emphatic F-5 to put away his opponent and continue his unbeaten streak in the year 2017. At this time, he will be coming back to the WWE earlier than expected, as per WWE’s confirmations.

It has now been confirmed that he will be making an appearance on the December 18th episode of the flagship program of the WWE. It is an early showing up for the Conqueror which kept up the speculations ongoing. Previously, he was expected to appear in an episode of WWE Raw in January.

Earlier reports from suggested Brock Lesnar will only be doing a non-televised appearance on the show. It means he will appear during the dark segment when WWE Raw will go off the air. But, since WWE has advertised the come back on live TV, it is expected that he will be addressing the ongoing Universal Championship scenario.

Being the show-case performer, each appearance made by the champion is a must-watch for the fans. So, the fans at the Dunkin Donuts Center certainly expect something much bigger around him especially considering that the Royal Rumble is just around the corner.

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