As per the previous updates, former WWE Diva Kaitlyn had big chance to join the main roster of the company. She has separated from her husband, PJ Braun with whom she was in charge of fitness clothing line for a long time. This was the reason that she sidelined herself from the biggest wrestling promotion in the world despite having all the tools.

Now that the constraint has been gone, she’s been looking forward to more opportunities leading to the constant rumours of her joining WWE, once again. Her recent activities are also suggesting the same.
In a recent post on her Instagram account, she was seen bonding with her former flame, Big E. These two were part of being in a relationship during their beginning days in the WWE in 2012. There were so strong rumours between them that WWE even put them into a romantic angle at a certain point.

#Reunited at last. @wwebige. #gloves #reunited

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They entered the WWE in the same year as part of the NXT. In 2013, Kaitlyn parted ways from WWE and Big E over the former’s marriage. Now that, she is over with it, she might be catching up with Big E again to stay relaxed.
In the video posted on the social media account, it is being seen that Big E is licking hand gloves with his usual funny antiques with Kaitlyn running into him. There are some speculations that The New Day might be split up in due course now that the Wrestlemania season is over. Big E might be given a single run in due course. So, there are possibilities that Kaitlyn might return to WWE TV acting as her ex-flame.

Also, the former Divas champion posted a picture with the current member of the Women’s division, Natalya where she can be seen bonding with her former co-worker, very well. She also said how much she misses this teasing a return at a certain point.

Kaitlyn is someone who has not been utilised to her full potential. Her career was cut short due to personal reasons at one point. She focused on body fitness once her WWE deal got over. With so much competition around the women’s division, it might the best time for WWE to bring her back.

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