This past week on Smackdown Live, Eva Marie got injured while getting ready for a match. She was seen hopping down from the middle rope and seemingly captured his right knee after that. It was reported that she suffered a hamstring injury and the referee called off the match.
The officials carried her to the backstage to get her some medical attention. No further update was available regarding the injury and it is speculated that it was purely part of the storyline. Eva Marie saved herself from getting an Irish Lass-kicking on Smackdown with that cunning move.
Interestingly, it is thought that upon getting re-launched in the main roster, Eva has started her villainous acts from the get-going. The night she was first appeared on Smackdown Live, she was booed out of the building. WWE Creative apparently wants to take advantage of the opportunity and establish Eva as the top heel on the blue brand.
They think that the all-red-everything Diva has tremendous potential with right look and attitude. So, it’s only a matter of time she dominates the division. The initial planning is to make Becky Lynch as the top babyface in the Smackdown women’s division and make her feud with Eva as to take her to the next level.

As of now, there are not plenty of fresh talents available on the blue brand in the female roster and so a likely push to Eva is foreseen. Eva is the most despised Diva in today’s WWE, due to her lack of in-ring abilities. She has a vast history of botching moves but still she got considered to the main roster for her heel acts. A well-written feud between Eva and Becky Lynch can help them both to move forward in the Women’s division.
Also, with Nikki Bella returning in near future and the insertion of Bayley into the main roster will further create the depth of the division which in turn can create the opportunity to create another championship for the Women’s division.


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