The hype is its final lap and we are all set to witness business on this Sunday at WWE Payback which is scheduled to be hosted by windy city Chicago, Illinois. With the fresh talents coming onto the roster and the matches that are well set up, makes this year’s edition of WWE Payback the best one in the paper, ever since its beginning back in 2013. Post-mania Raw’s looks dull usually but this year was different as Shane McMahon is always a delight and furthermore his concept of bringing on the new talents and put them into matches brilliantly made the show worth a watch every week. The Bullet Club member debut and involving them into the WWE championship storyline was the most intriguing one. With WWE’s ownership still at stake, let’s get a preview of what’s waiting down the line at WWE Payback.


Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback (WWE United States Championship)

Let’s truth be told, we don’t even care for the US championship anymore. A year back at this time, we have seen some of the greatest matches of the year with Cena holding the title and bringing back its old glory. Ever since he left, no as such good storyline was created for the prestigious championship and it is literally dull. Ryback suddenly got another chance out of nowhere, two weeks prior to the PPV and the championship is likely to change hands. But it does not much really matter.

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