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WWE Payback review

  • There were expectations from this pay per view event in spite there were not enough anticipated matches in the card of this event. But somehow, WWE could not fulfill the expectations completely with this event. I cannot remember a pay per view before this one without any world championship match since Survivor Series 1993. After twenty years, we witnessed a pay per view event without the WWE (World Heavyweight) championship match.

    Every time a world champion getting any type of injury was always forced to vacate the championship but in this case. The support of Daniel Bryan among the fans is such insane that WWE did not dare to vacate the title from him and gave it a monotonous storyline, they already suffered when they did not include Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble match. But I am afraid such a crazy push might become a negative point for Daniel Bryan in future.

    Talking about the other matches, I think most of the fans would say the six man No Holds Barred elimination match as the best match of the event. But I would not say that. Evolution has seriously been an Evolution in their time. It produced some of the biggest stars in WWE. They main evented WrestleMania more than once, and they were beaten like this? Are you serious? They could not even eliminate any of the Shield members? Was not it a bit too much? Definitely the superstars of the Shield are really talented, but is not this push a bit insane? Especially, they are doing a little bit too much with Roman Reigns, seriously, too much.

    Talking about the best match of the event, that is the last man standing match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt which is not being mentioned much by either WWE or the medias. The match went on for over half an hour and these two individuals seriously fought their best match between each other. It was difficult to predict who is going to win even at the very of the match, it was totally heart stopping, and that is how a professional wrestling match should be like. The feud between the two was boring and nobody wanted a continuation of it, still, Cena and Wyatt made it tremendously well with their amazing performances. But seriously, I would say this has to be the end of this feud, they are fighting some tremendous matches but the feud is becoming really annoying, so it should end here.

    Now let us talk about the other matches of the event. Starting with the United States championship match between the newly crowned champion Sheamus and his challenger Cesaro, Cesaro was the favorite to win the championship but our prediction went in favour of the Celtic Warrior. He won the title just a month ago and obviously he is not going to drop the title so soon. However, there is a chance of his defeat in another title match against Cesaro in future. Talking about the match, it was good, I would not say it was the best of the night, still, it was a good match and can suit in any pay per view event. Sheamus was good just like always, Cesaro was arguably the better performer of the two in this match. We noticed him watching a number of unique moves which were really impressive. This guy has a great future lying for him on his path. But as Sheamus’ fan support is decreasing day by day (he was thoroughly booed by the fans during this match), I am afraid he would not able to elevate himself to the main event status very soon.

    Bad News Barrett defended his championship for the first time against Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam and he was successful to retain the championship. The match was okay, it can easily be counted as a pay per view match. After the match, we can say that this feud is going to continue for a while more, and if it continues, it would be quite interesting to see. We are looking forward for a stipulated intercontinental championship match between the champion Bad News Barrett and Rob Van Dam soon. Talking about the performances, both were quite good. Van Dam did really well just like he always does. I wonder how he manages such high flying performances every week. Barrett is the main talking point of the match, we have already seen his improved performance in his new gimmick, he always wrestled very well, and after the improvement of his mic skill, he is now a complete package.

    There were other singles matches like Rusev vs. Big E. We expected a good battle between the two, but it was a small bad match. It was just arranged to hype Rusev. So there is nothing to be talk about it.

    Paige vs. Alicia Fox was just like another Diva match. Divas champion Paige was good as well. The talking point of this match was Alicia Fox who has impressed everyone in her new crazy gimmick. Hash tag Alicia Fox, Hash tag improvement.

     There were two unscheduled matches which failed to impress the fact upon. Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston ended in a no contest due to the interference of Kane. The match of Rybaxel vs. the Rhodes brothers has been used to build up a storyline between Cody Rhodes and Goldust. So we cannot say that this match was a complete fail.

    Overall, the event was below average, but cannot say it was a terrible event. We hope some improved pay per view events in the following path.

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    WWE Payback Review

  • WWE Payback was a good PPV event but the bottom line of most of the matches was too predictable. The event was thoroughly enjoyable though. A good news has been provided during the PPV that Rob Van Dam is coming back. Let us go through all of it’s matches and see what actually happened.

    1. Intercontinental championship : Curtis Axel def. The Miz and Wade Barrett to become new champion : Curtis Axel would win the match was our prediction that was what happened. Axel remained outside the ring for most of the times, Miz and Wade Barrett kept fighting each other. After half of the match was done, Axel finally got involved in this match completely. The son of Curt Henning’s first attempt to victory was denied by Miz as Axel was trying to pin Barrett after the perfect-plex. But he didn’t fail next time as Barrett was locked in a figure 4 leg lock from Miz and Axel suddenly came into the ring and pinned the devastated Barrett. The pin looked a very clever move.
    2. Divas championship : AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn to become new champion : AJ won the championship and we think it was a good move from WWE to make AJ the champion. The creative are making a good storyline between Kaitlyn and AJ and looks more and more interesting. Kaitlyn is doing pretty well and we all know that AJ is a pretty talented professional wrestler who is going through a superb heel run. Kaitlyn looked more into the balance throughout the match but she could not continue after AJ Lee locked her into an octopus hold or as they call it the ‘Black Widow’. As Kaitlyn tapped out, AJ was crowned as the new Divas champion. The storyline seems to be going in a very interesting way.

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    3. WWE United States championship : Dean Amborse def. Kane via count out to retain : The match was too easy to predict. Kane’s defeat was totally predictable. A single title reign for one of the most underrated superstar in WWE would not happen, if such thing happens, WON would announce him the most overrated superstar of the year. So it was too easy to predict, neither WWE would let Kane have any more success nor they would strip the title so soon from Dean Ambrose, a Shield member.
    4. World Heavyweight championship : Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler to become new champion : The World heavyweight title is losing all its shines. It is already out of the main events, and soon, it seems the title would defunct. It was not been a very good match. Only went on for 13 minutes.
    5. CM Punk def. Chris Jericho : Another match that was too easy to predict. As we told on our ‘WWE Payback Preview and Predictions’ article, when WWE could let Jericho loose against Fandango at WrestleMania, they would not let him over CM Punk so easily. But it’s been a solid match, both participants put on a marvelous competition. Punk’s victory after two back to back Go To Sleep maneuver looked pretty good.
    6. WWE Tag team championship : The Shield def. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to retain : This match was also too easy to predict. WWE would not let Shield loose the tag team titles so soon. And they would use this match and United States championship to put an end to Team Hell No.

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    7. WWE Championship : John Cena def. Ryback in a three stages of hell match to retain : WWE tried to show the match as much interesting as they could. But stipulations guaranties a good competition when two good wrestlers are wrestling, Cena vs. Ryback in a three stages of hell match really too easy to predict. John Cena is the superman of WWE, he just got the title at WrestleMania and WWE won’t let him loose it so soon to a new name. Stage one, which was a Lumberjack match was won by Ryback, and the next two stages were Tables match and an Ambulance match, both of them were won by John Cena. Overall, the match was very good and truly enjoyable.

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