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WWE Power Rankings 13th September 2014

  • Here is the top 10 ratings of the WWE Power Rankings of this week. Check out here in Sportzwiki –


    25 – Kane

    Corporate Kane continues to exercise his power by playing a vital role in The Authority’s devious dealings.


    24 – The Miz

    The Miz better get his PR team to play damage control after having embarrassing personal photos revealed to the WWE Universe on Raw.


    23 – Naomi

    This former Funkadactyl jumps onto the rankings after a victory on “WWE Superstars” over her “Total Divas” co-star Summer Rae.


    22 – Adam Rose

    Adam Rose continues to impress, but even more extraordinary was his bunny’s superkick and Frog Splash on Raw.


    21 – Bo Dallas

    The inspirational Bo Dallas defeated Justin Gabriel on SmackDown, but he has yet to make a Bo-liever out of Jack Swagger.


    20 – When Jerry Springer can’t work out your family drama, you know there’s a problem.


    19 – Jack Swagger

    The Real American drops to No. 19 on the rankings after ending up on the receiving end of a Seth Rollins Curb Stomp on WWE Main Event.


    18 – Big Show

    The World’s Largest Athlete is making his way back up the rankings as he and Mark Henry overpower every opponent thrown their way.


    17 – Gold & Stardust

    Gold & Stardust split a win and a loss this week, but it’s clear this bizarre duo is determined to capture the “cosmic key.”


    16 – Cesaro

    On WWE Main Event, Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder in impressive fashion, showing why he could become WWE’s next United States Champion at WWE Night of Champions.


    15 – Dean Ambrose

    With the unstable Ambrose’s whereabouts still unknown, the volatile Superstar suffers a drastic drop down the rankings.


    14 – The Wyatt Family

    The Wyatts move up to No. 14 thanks to Bray Wyatt’s impactful Steel Cage Match victory over Chris Jericho on Raw.


    13 – Rusev

    Rusev may have lost his arm wrestling contest to Mark Henry, but The Super Athlete made a resounding statement when he imposed his dominance on The World’s Strongest Man in a post-contest beatdown.


    12 – Mark Henry

    The World’s Strongest Man looks as strong as ever, defeating Rusev in an arm wrestling contest and dominating opponents alongside Big Show.


    11 – AJ Lee

    Although AJ’s peculiar actions with her “frenemy” Paige have left us scratching our heads, there is no mistaking The Black Widow’s recent in-ring dominance.


    10 – Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho didn’t secure victory in a Steel Cage Match against Bray Wyatt on Raw, but he did seize a spot in the top 10 for bouncing back to give a winning effort on SmackDown as Roman Reigns’s partner.


    9 – Sheamus

    Though always ready for a good fight, United States Champion Sheamus could not match that enthusiasm with enough effort to prevent his tough-luck loss to Seth Rollins on Raw.


    8 – Paige

    Divas Champion Paige, who netted impressive wins on Raw and SmackDown, still remains unsure about whether the biggest threat to her current title reign is AJ Lee, Nikki or Brie Bella.


    7 – The Usos

    WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos proved this week that you don’t have to be at 100 percent to give 100 percent in the ring, as evidenced by their gutty showing in tag team action on SmackDown.


    6 – Dolph Ziggler

    Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler’s exposé of The Miz’s grooming habits did not go over well with The Awesome One, nor did The Showoff’s victory over Miz & Damien “Miz-dow” on SmackDown.


    5 – Randy Orton

    Randy Orton’s rivalry with Chris Jericho dates back a decade, and includes classic battles for the WWE World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships. Thanks to The Viper’s decision on Raw to rekindle that bad blood, the WWE Universe will be treated to one more round at Night of Champions.


    4 – Seth Rollins

    Mr. Money in the Bank made short work of United States Champion Sheamus and Jack Swagger on Raw and WWE Main Event, respectively. However, The Authority’s favorite former Shield member relearned on SmackDown that he still has some unfinished business with ex-ally Roman Reigns.


    3 – John Cena

    John Cena looked like a man possessed as he demanded that Paul Heyman deliver WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar on Raw next week, though that fanatical devotion may be part of what it takes for the Cenation leader to prepare for the fight of his life at Night of Champions.


    2 – Roman Reigns

    Although his SummerSlam rematch with Randy Orton on Raw ended in chaos, Roman Reigns rebounded in time to join Chris Jericho in defeating The Viper & Seth Rollins on SmackDown. With his positive momentum restored, Reigns can now focus his attention on preparing for Rollins at Night of Champions.


    1 – Brock Lesnar

    Conspicuous by his absence on Raw, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar still managed to cast his imposing shadow over John Cena and the WWE Universe. Of course, The Beast Incarnate’s imposing presence will be on full display when he meets with the Cenation leader next week.

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