Backstage Randy Orton met Triple H and Stephanie McMahon where he said that Seth Rollins claimed that he was the face of the company, Orton said that he had no problem with it, but he seriously hoped that they would not take Orton’s spotlight away from him. So whoever Seth Rollins faced at Hell in a Cell, Orton wanted the other guy. Triple H agreed with it and made it official.

Match 3 – Randy Orton defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler in a non title match. What a match! It seriously was one of the best matches of Raw this year. Seth Rollins was present at the outside of the arena during the match to keep a close look into the match. Randy Orton pinned defeated Dolph Ziggler with the RKO.

Match 4 – Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger. Another excellent match, both performers did superb in this match. Just like Seth Rollins was present during Randy Orton’ match, Randy Orton was also present on at the outside of the arena during this match. Seth Rollins pinned Jack Swagger with the Prawn Hold. After the match, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins confronted each other. But they avoided the fight as Seth Rollins decided to leave.

Backstage Dean Ambrose was interviewed by Renee Young where Dean was asked what fans could expect from Dean in the match against John Cena. Dean Ambrose wanted fans not to expect him to be a nice guy in that match, because he would not be nice to John Cena. He was not a nice guy, Triple H knew it and Triple H knew him from a long time. At Hell in a Cell, he would send Seth Rollins straight to hell, so as Cena tonight.

The big Show was interviewed in the locker room. Big Show was asked if he would be able to beat Rusev since nobody ever could beat him. Big Show said that he had already proved by knocking Rusev out that he was not undefeatable. He said that tonight he was representing three hundred twenty million Americans so he would beat down Rusev tonight.

Match 5 – Rusev defeated The big Show by disqualification. Rusev was in control of the match, the locked the Accolade submission maneuver on the Big Show. Mark Henry came out to cheer for big Show. As mark henry climbed on the apron, Rusev moved forward and punched Henry right into the face. Rusev locked the Accolade again on Big Show. Mark Henry came back into the ring and punched Rusev on the face, the referee led the match to disqualification. Big Show and Mark Henry stood inside the ring and Rusev stood on the outside of the ring and waved the Russian flag. Big Show and Mark Henry went to Rusev, Rusev fought with Henry as Big Show knocked him out with the knock out punch.

Match 6 – The Miz defeated WWE United States Champion Sheamus by count out. Very enjoyable match, especially because of Damien Mizdow. Mizdow kept copying Miz even during the match which was really very funny. Miz attempted to go under the ring to avoid Sheamus, Mizdow did the same too. Sheamus took Mizdow out and knocked him out with the Brogue Kick, as Sheamus looked for Miz under the ring, Miz from the other side came out and entered inside the ring, before Sheamus could enter the ring, it was too late as the referee called for bell.

Match 7 – Naomi, Natalya and Brie Bella defeated Nikki Bella, Summer Rae and Cameron. Surprisingly, it was a good match. Brie Bella pinned Nikki Bella with the Sit Out Face buster aka Bella Buster.

Backstage John Cena was interviewed John Cena. Renee Young asked John Cena about his feeling about his match against Dean Ambrose tonight. John Cena first praised the local crowd which constantly booed him. Then he talked about his match against Dean Ambrose on the main event of the show. He said that he would beat Dean Ambrose first, then he would go for Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell pay per view event and he would show Seth Rollins his worth.

Main Event – Dean Ambrose defeated John Cena in a No Holds Barred contract on a Pole Match. The match was only ten minute long, expectations were really high from this match but somehow it could fulfill the expectations. It had been hyped too much but at the end of the day, it was an ordinary match. The authority had an involvement in this match. Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane attacked John Cena and Dean Ambrose during the match. There was no disqualification since it was a No Holds Barred match. As John Cena was busy dealing with corporate Kane, Dean Ambrose got the contract and won the match. Seth Rollins along with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon stood near the entrance stage and Dean Ambrose stood inside the ring with contract and taunted Seth as the show went off air.


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