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WWE Raw 14/4/14 – Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

  • This was the first match of the night and it was also the first match of the eight man tournament for the no 1 contender spot of the Intercontinental championship. Alberto Del Rio made his entrance first, followed by the challenger Rob Van Dam.

    The match started as Alberto Del Rio attacked Rob Van Dam with random kicks, punches and head butts. Van Dam got back into the match with a Monkey Flip. He tried Del Rio with cross body which Del Rio kicked out easily. Van Dam clotheslined Del Rio out of the ring after that.

    Del Rio went back into the ring in a while. He got the control over Van Dam as soon as he went back in. He put Van Dam in a corner and kicked and punched him pretty hard. Van Dam tried to capitalize but Del Rio kept the control in his own hands as he hit Van Dam with an enzugiri. Del Rio tried to pin Van Dam with a suplex which Van Dam kicked out.

    Del Rio dragged Van Dam to the apron and put his head on the apron to kick it from the outside of the ring, and he did it. Both went back to the ring, Del Rio went towards Van Dam running but Van Dam dummied the move and sent him to the outside of the ring.

    Van Dam tried to hit Del Rio with a Moon Sault on the outside of the ring but Del Rio ducked the move and clotheslined Van Dam. Del Rio viciously threw Van Dam towards the barricade which looked Van Dam hurt badly.

    As they went back to the ring, Van Dam quickly capitalized and tried to pin Del Rio which he kicked out. Once again Del Rio capitalized with a kick and a DDT after that. He tried to pin him which was kicked out.

    Del Rio tried to hit Van Dam’s head on the turn buckle but Van Dam this time capitalized with a Van Daminator. Van Dam attempted to hit a Moon Sault which Del Rio blocked with his knees. Del Rio tried to pin Van Dam with a back stabber which Van Dam kicked out in two.

    Del Rio went up on the turn buckle and as he jumped Van Dam nailed him with a spin kick. Van Dam this time climbed on the turn buckle and Del Rio hit an Enzugiri. He tried to pin Van Dam which he kicked out in two.

    Del Rio pointed for the cross arm breaker and as he attempted to lock him Van Dam attempted to pin Del Rio with a quick leg scissor. Del Rio went over the top rope again and Van Dam pulled him down, it hurt Del Rio’s head. Van Dam did not miss the opportunity as he pinned Del Rio with the Five Star Frog Splash.

    Rob Van Dam headed towards the semifinal.

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