This was the second and the last semi final match for the No 1 contender’s match for the WWE Intercontinental championship against the champion Big E at the Extreme Rules. Antonio Cesaro entered the arena first with his manager Paul Heyman. Heyman starting cutting promo on Brock Lesnar beating Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, Rob Van Dam interfered him as he came out for his match.

The match started as both grappled each other. Cesaro converted it into a Neck Lock from which Van Dam easily got out as he pushed him towards the rope, Cesaro grounded Van Dam with a shoulder and attempted an early pin which Van Dam easily kicked out. Once again Cesaro locked him into the neck lock. As Van Dam got out of the lock and Cesaro tried to hit a suplex which Van Dam prevented, Cesaro converted it into a back breaker. Cesaro attempted a cover which Van Dam kicked out.

Cesaro tried to push Van Dam towards the turn buckle as Van Dam reversed it into a Van Daminator. As Cesaro went towards the nearby turn buckle, Van Dam hit a Sunset Flip on Cesaro. Cesaro quickly countered with a suplex and attempted a pin which Van Dam kicked out. Van Dam tried to reverse Cesaro’s next maneuver but Cesaro forced Van Dam to hit his shoulder onto the steel post.

Van Dam fell outside of the ring. Cesaro took him back in and locked him into the neck lock. Van Dam got out of it after a while with a number of shoulder strikes, as he tried to attempt a sit out pin Cesaro hit him with the double foot stomp. As he attempted a cover, Van Dam kicked out. Cesaro hit a Gut Wretch slam on Van Dam and attempted another pin and again Van Dam kicked out.

Cesaro kept punishing Van Dam as he pushed him towards the nearby turn buckle. As Van Dam got away from the turn buckle, Cesaro hit a Elbow drop on him. Cesaro locked Van Dam in another neck lock. Van Dam got out it and as Cesaro quickly counter with a face first onto the turn buckle, Van Dam countered with a kick to the face.

Van Dam got the control of the game as he hit Cesaro some of his signature moves. As Cesaro tried to get back into the match, Van Dam hit him a Van Daminator from the top ropes. Van Dam got prepared for the Five Star Frog Splash as Cesaro hit an upper cut.

The match continued as Jack Swagger came out with Zeb Colter to create a distraction for Cesaro. Van Dam took the advantage of the situation and forced Cearo out of the ring. Cesaro got back into the match again and pushed Van Dam inside the ring and as he was about go inside jack Swagger pushed Cesaro to the steel post which the referee did not notice. Van Dam won the match by count out and advanced to the final.

Cesaro and Swagger fought after the match as Swagger attacked Cesaro. Cesaro won this unofficial battle and he attempted Cesaro Swing on Zeb Colter. Swagger saved Colter but could not save himself as Cesaro hit the Cesaro swing on Swagger.


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