The show started as Triple H entered the arena. The fans booed him thoroughly. Michael Cole reminded that Triple H would make a major announcement regarding John Cena’s opponent for Summerslam.

Triple H started things off by saying that it was funny when he was walking backstage no one wanted to look at his eyes. Everyone are scared that he might blow a gasket over what happened last night. They were scared that the WWE World Heavyweight championship did not come back to the authority, it stayed back to John Cena.

He said that he would like to admit that he was mad on that day, he was madder than ever before but he had options to handle this, he did have options. He said he would consider some options about it and he would going to tweet his displeasure about it. He would tweet about until his finger started bleeding, he might do an instagram or might be a vine. If he did not get what he wanted, he would going to write it. And that did not work, his friend Mark and he would going to start watching. This part of the promo was quite funny, the fans really enjoyed it.

Or he could fire everyone out. He could fire all the fans, he might throw everyone out of the building. He lend all his problems. Or, he could just relax. He could relax my knowing the fact that sooner or later, he always won. And if he had to wait four more weeks to win till Summerslam, let it be. And at Summerslam, he could guaranty that John Cena would no longer be the WWE World Heavyweight champion. But the question was who?

Before Triple H could reveal the name Randy Orton’s music hit. Randy Orton came out and instantly started. He addressed Triple H by ‘H’ and said were they really doing this? He wanted to know what about his rematch, he had been waiting for months, ever since WrestleMania, he was never given a one on one rematch. He knew it, all of the fans knew it, it was damn true. If Triple H wanted to talk about guaranties, he guaranteed that he would beat John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Triple H said that he could appreciate that confidence of Randy Orton. He said that he was the front runner for the no 1 contender, but he had not made up his mind yet about who was going to get that chance. He would everybody an opportunity to convince him, the entire roster would have the opportunity to convince him. He said that he wanted somebody to impress him, he wanted somebody to go extra miles for him, he wanted them to show him that they wanted it more than anything in this world.

Randy Orton said if Kane would have done his duty last night properly, if Kane would have done his job at Battleground, Randy Orton would have been standing in that ring as the WWE World Heavyweight champion. He said that surely Triple H was not considering Kane as the no 1 contender.

Kane’s pyro and music hit and Kane came out. Kane entered the ring and said that he hoped that he was being considered to face John Cena because he knew he could beat John Cena, he knew that he could bring the title back to the authority, so long he was not acting as Randy Orton’s protector, he was tired of babysitting.

Roman Reigns’ music hit now. Reigns entered the arena through the crowd as he always did. Reigns took his time to visit the stage before he enjoyed the crowd reaction for a while. Reigns did not enter the ring but stood on the apron.

Reigns started by saying if Triple H was considering a name for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, he thought his was in it. Because last time he saw nobody wanted to see John Cena vs. Kane, neither anybody wanted to see Randy Orton vs. John Cena again. It sounded to him like everybody wanted to see John Cena vs. Roman Reigns.

He entered the ring and he wanted Triple H to believe that. As soon as he said that he knocked Kane down with the Superman punch. As he turned his face to Randy Orton, he saw Randy Orton was slowly escaping the ring. Reigns did not try to stop him.

Triple H had also left the ring. He said that he would like to say what he believed. He believed that Roman Reigns was going to have a match next. He believed that Roman Reigns was going to face Kane and Randy Orton in a handicap match. He believed that match was next. The fans were really excited to hear the announcement. So as Kane and Randy Orton.



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